Top 10 Best Waterproof Cameras of 2024

It is 2018 and as the adage goes,  Well, it is time for you to secure, The Camera’s Price become so expensive. Below, we have listed Top 10 best proven cameras that are waterproof of 2018 that you can choose from. Despite a brief presentation, there is a detailed overview of Top 10 Best Waterproof Cameras of 2018 :

10. ThiEYE TFe Underwater Camera ThiEYE T5e Wifi Sport Camera,Ultra 4K

This is a cheap but perfect camera with a great output of photos while underwater. It is recommended for underwater sporting. with  a 2 inch bright LCD screen with 16 megapixel and ultra 4k High definition image output. It also has an external mic support. The 7G lens has a wide angle of 170 degrees which allows for greater photo quality, especially on landscape shooting.

Advantages of the ThiEYE TFe Underwater Camera

  • Comes with extra battery
  • Great photo quality
  • Very affordable
  • Has WiFi

Disadvantages of ThiEYE TFe Underwater Camera

  • Low battery life.

9. Nikon 1 AW1

This is the only underwater surface camera with a unique lens. The lens is interchangeable. It has a waterproof quality of 49 ft and a can stand a drop from 6.6 ft. also take photos up to freezing levels of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It has 14 megapixels.

Advantages of the Nikon 1 AW1

  • GPS
  • HD image quality of 1080p
  • a rugged compact design

Disadvantages of the Nikon 1 AW1

  • It is expensive
  • For WiFi support, it needs an additional adapter


8. Leica X-U type 113

This is a product manufactured from a high-end company known for their quality products. It has a 49 ft underwater waterproof quality. Has great output photos even on high ISOs. The Leica X-U type 113 has a 35 mm field of view.

Advantages of Leica X-U type 113

  • very accurate and high-quality image displays
  • shockproof of 4-ft

Disadvantages of the Leica X-U type 113

  • It is very expensive
  • The camera overexposes raw images


7. Canon Powershot D30

Canon Powershot D30 

It comes with 12 megapixels with a 3 inch, 461,000 LCD dots. It has a maximum ISO of 3200. The maximum video resolution is 1080p. It has a waterproof quality of 82 ft below the water surface.

Advantages of Canon Powershot D30

  • Has digital 5x zoom lens
  • with GPS

Disadvantages of the Canon Powershot D30

  • 1080p HD is limited to 24 fps videos only.
  • Canon Powershot D30 has no WiFi


6. Fujifilm Finepix XP130 underwater camera

The Fuji film is a company well known for the production of great cameras. This specific is an underwater gadget that has the following specifications. It has 16 Megapixel, has a 65 ft waterproof limit, has a crushing drop of 5.7 ft.

Advantages of FujiFilm Finepix XP 130

1. Has Geo-tagging capability

2. Has fast Bluetooth technology

Disadvantages of the FujiFilm XP 130

1. It is expensive


5. Go Pro Hero 6

GoPro Camera for Sports

Go Pro Hero 6 is worth it. If you have the money, this is the underwater camera to purchase. It comes with a 12-megapixel shoot feature and a 2-inch touchscreen monitor. It can take photos in very cold places under the water up to-10 degrees Celcius.

Advantages of the Go Pro Hero 6

1. Has great image stabilization when shooting

2. Shoots quality photos

Disadvantages of the Go Pro Hero 6

1. It is an high-end camera for those who have big amounts of cash


4. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS30


The Panasonic is a rugged compact camera for underwater shooting. It comes with a 3-inch bright LCD monitor.aslo has 12 megapixel camera feature and a lens of 28 – 128 mm.  water proof to a water depth of 13 meters and a shock proof of 2 meters. The product has a freeze level shooting of -10 degrees Celsius. Has a video HD definition of 1080p. Has easy image sharing options.

Advantages of the Panasonic Lumix FT-5

  •  improved performance in underwater photo shooting
  •  GPS

3. It is very fast

Disadvantages of the Panasonic Lumix FT-5

  • The images get a bit distorted at high ISOs
  • Has a weak flash


3. Nikon CoolPix W300

Nikon W300

This Nikon falls under the top 10 underwater cameras to watch out for in 2018. The Nikon Coolpix comes with a 3-inch OLED LCD monitor with 921k dots. It has 16-megapixel camera feature and a lens of 24 – 120 mm. It can take photos of up to 30 meters below the water surface level.

Advantages of the Nikon CoolPix W300

1. Able to stay underwater to a depth of 30 meters as waterproof

2. Has a wide zoom which is best for underwater photography

Disadvantages of the Nikon CoolPix W300

1. The controls can be fiddly some times

2. The Nikon is a bit heavier


2. Nikon Cool Pix AW130


This is a great camera for underwater photo shooting. It comes with a waterproof bright LCD monitor. also has an improved 16-megapixel camera feature. It is waterproof to a water depth of 100ft and a shockproof of 7 feet. Nikon Cool Pix AW130 can take images in colder underwater locations of up to -10 degrees Celsius. It comes with a strong rubber grip to prevent falls. Has a WiFi sharing option for quick transfer of photos.

Advantages of the Nikon Cool Pix AW130

  • Has WiFi for quicker sharing of photos
  • Has a great camera quality of 16 MP

Disadvantages of the Nikon Cool Pix AW130

  • Bit expensive


1. The Olympus Waterproof TG 5 Camera

This is one of a kind camera especially if you are for quality photos under the water. It is a bit pricey but worth the money. It comes with a 3-inch LCD monitor. The bright LCD displays a HD image since it boasts of 460k LCD dots. It has 12-megapixel camera feature and a lens of 25 – 100 mm. It is waterproof to a water depth of 15 meters and a shockproof of 2.1 meters. The product is also dust proof.

Advantages of the Waterproof TG 5 camera

  • Has a great and tough body make which makes it durable
  • Has a good number of photo accessories

Disadvantages of the Waterproof TG 5 camera

  • When the ISO is long, it produces low-quality pictures
  • Has a fiddly zoom control

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