Top 10 best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

Maintaining good health need not break the bank. You may just as well observe preventive measures to avoid contracting dangerous, sometimes fatal infections by using a pair of cheap disposable shoe and boot covers. No matter the toxicity of the environment you may have to be in, these best disposable boot & shoe covers will keep you safe. Thousands of companies take advantage of this fact and discerning the best of them may be a challenge. That is why we have assorted the following disposable boot& shoe covers for virus protection. Enjoy.

10. Strongman Tools | 120 Pack (60 Pairs) Extra Thick Disposable Shoe & Boot

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

With 60 high-quality pairs in a box, this is a great value for money. The use of non-woven polypropylene material delivers a thick 35g finish capable of lasting long. The membrane is thick enough to keep out microbes, water, liquids, and dirt. You also get 10% extra pieces compared to similarly priced products. With a flexible skeleton, this package is set to fit most shoe ranges up to size 12. To maximize safety, the covers integrate neatly perforated non-skid technology on the sole to make it fit for most weather conditions. For environment enthusiasts, this is a great pick as its 100% disposable with FDA and ISO 13485 certification.

9. ShuBee Waterproof Shoe Covers, Dark Blue (40 Pair)

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect


Fit for most users including industrial applications, this large cover can accommodate up to size 18(US) shoe sizes. With an elastic trim on the upper edge, the unit is sure to stay on throughout use. We love the dark blue aesthetics that are strong as well. Although they are meant to protect you from liquid, microbes, and dirt for one time wear, multiple users have reported multiple cycles while still intact. The skid-proof texture maximizes grip while minimizing episodes of skidding. The company has a solid 20-year excellent reputation in this business with this product being used across the world. There are an additional 7 less popular colors to choose from in the 40/80 box package.

8. Blue Shoe Guys Disposable Waterproof Boot & Shoe Covers

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

Although multipurpose, this shoe cover has a microbe-proof sterile membrane made from 100% polypropylene fabric joined with ultrasonic technology to deliver better usability. The size limit is 11.5(US) which is a fit for most but not all. The unit includes a secure fitting to maintain proper grip for up to 3-4 wear cycles. Comfort is assured thanks to their breathable design. This product has found application in a multitude of conditions for painters, nurses, movers, contractors and many more. As this is a disposable item, it’s made of 100% recyclable, non-toxic, zero latex PVC with the gold standard ISO13485 certification.

7. Lawei 200 Pack (100 Pairs) Shoe Covers Disposable

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

You get a generous 100 pairs of top-notch shoe covers usable for up to size 11.5” (US). They are fit for both genders and come in a sparkling blue finish. The employment of non-woven fabric makes the package thick enough to resist the roughest surfaces for up to 4 use cycles. They are easy to fit with a single pop wear design. They also feel comfortable due to their breathable design. Don’t be fooled by their lightweight as they are hard to tear and do not skid. They perform well indoors on a variety of flooring including carpets and hardwood. Outdoors they can be used for travel, parties, in the car, for gardening, etc.

6. SHEEFLY 100 Pack Disposable Boot Shoe Covers

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

Robust is the word to describe these light blue non-woven fabric shoe/boot covers. They feature decent thickness yet soft to the touch. With proven quality and years of experience, the company has perfected its non-skid technology. The membrane is bonded using ultrasonic technology to seal out viruses, bacteria, water, dirt, and dust. They are safe on all types of floors and will keep you protected while maintaining the integrity of your floor. The edges integrate elastic bands to ensure they remain in position without limiting your motion. You will enjoy their safety both indoors and outdoors while enjoying maximum comfort, thanks to their breathable technology. A full day’s work is not going to be a problem for up to size 13(US).

5. 100 Pack of Disposable Shoe Covers

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

First off, these have great aesthetics with their matt white finish. Measuring in at 16”*6”, they are a proper fit for shoe/boot sizes up to 13(US). You get 100 pieces in a box and they can be used at least twice. With latex-free, non-toxic construction, they are safe yet tough enough to resist tearing and rupturing. Putting them on and off is easy although once on they stay on until you are don’t. This is attributed to the elastic non-slip band that fastens them on all shoe designs. They employ a special chlorinated polyethylene material to keep off microbes such as viruses and bacteria.

4. GripStep Black XL Shoe Covers

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

These premium 20 pair/box package stylish black covers made it to the list for their amazing design. If you wish to look good with covers on, this would be a great pick for you. Guess what, they also come with a dispenser box that can be conveniently kept in your car. Material wise, they employ high quality dual composite polypropylene fabric with anti-skid prints. They are durable and perform well in a variety of conditions such as snow, dirt, and mud. With a non-woven membrane, they do an excellent job resisting water while simultaneously keeping out microbes such as bacteria and viruses. As such, they are excellent for medical use specifically infection control. They have gained popularity in the service industry as well.

3. G & F Products X-Large WaterProof Premium

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

These are medical-grade shoe covers made of 100% recyclable free phthalate PVC material. They are 100% waterproof and are free of lead and latex. With a non-woven fabric, the membrane is microbe-proof (bacteria and virus). To this end, they have found popularity in the medical viral control field as well as in construction, guarding, moving and many more. With an above-average thickness, they are resistant to wear and tear for 3-4 cycles of use. Anywhere up to size 11 should fit well. They are easy to put on and take off while retaining acceptable elasticity.

2. Disposable Shoe Covers

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

These thick and durable dustproof and waterproof shoe covers are perfect for shoe sizes up to 12.5(US). Both men and women can use them and they have decent build quality. With thick non-woven membrane technology, they are excellent at keeping out viruses and bacteria as well as water and dirt. The secure elastic band ensures they stay on for at least one use cycle. Non-slip patterns are integrated to prevent skidding and tear.

1.MakBea product 100 Pcs Extra Thick Disposable Shoe & Boot Cover

best disposable boot & shoe covers for virus protect

With the package, you get 100 packs of high-quality CPE material that is strong enough to withstand different terrains. Built-in are laser printed non-slip patterns that maintain a proper grip on wet surfaces. They employ ultrasonic membranes that keep out microbes. They are machine-made and are fir for both home and work use. The company is confident in the product as it comes with a 100% straightforward money back return policy.


To maintain good health and protect delicate surfaces while keeping the environment safe, the above disposable shoe and boot covers are a little price to pay! Cheers!