Top 10 Best Medical Goggles For Virus Protection in 2020

It is well-known by now that covering your nose and mouth can reduce the risk of spreading or contracting Virus. However, something that’s been overlooked is the fact that the virus can also be contracted through the eyes. Being mucous membranes, the eyes provide an entry point through which germs can enter your body. Also, many of us tend to touch our eyes unconsciously, increasing our risk of infection.

Best medical goggles can reduce your risk of exposure, either by shielding you from airborne germs or simply by preventing you from touching your eye. Whether you’re looking for casual protection while going shopping, or are working in a high-risk environment and need serious eye defense, you’ll want to keep your eyes covered. For this reason, we’ve compiled here a list of the best medical goggles, safety goggles for nurses, and prescription safety glasses in 2020.

All items on this list have a rating of 4 stars or above, based on at least 100 reviews, so you know you’re getting the very best. Keep reading to find the best medical goggles to keep you safe this year.

10. SAFEYEAR Safety Glasses

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

Don’t let the simple appearance of these glasses fool you. With anti-fog, scratch-resistant lenses, these glasses are great for heavy-duty work, as well as casual wear. With UV400 protection, these glasses will keep you safe not only from Viruses, but also from the sun’s harmful rays. Lightweight and durable, these glasses have side shields for extra protection against exposure. Comfortable and utilitarian, these ANSI and ISEA-certified glasses are an excellent piece of protective eyewear.


9. SSP Eyewear Bifocal/Reader Safety Glasses

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

Very comfortable and with a snug fit, these glasses provide more than adequate protection. They are also ANSI-certified, meaning you can rely on them for any number of work activities. Best of all, these are among the few bifocal/reader safety glasses available on Amazon. They come with diopter ratings ranging from +1.25 to +3.0, so people with eyesight of most levels will be able to find a good match. They also come in a variety of frame colors, with clear and mirrored lenses, allowing you to stay safe – and still look good.

8. PRG-206 YB Prescription Safety Glasses

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

Another pair of prescription safety glasses, these are both practical and protective. They come with defensive side shields and foam padding above the lenses, giving you excellent protection against airborne particles. These glasses too are approved by ANSI, meaning they are safe to use in various work-related activities. With diopter ratings ranging from +1.0 to +3.0, most people will be able to find a pair that works for them.

7. Gateway Safety Cover2 OTG Protective Eyewear

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

These s ones with larafety goggles are large (but lightweight), meaning they will easily fit over most prescription glasses – evenger frames. With adjustable length temples, flexible temple tips, and a soft nose piece, these goggles will fit most – while being extra comfortable. These goggles come with side shields, providing added exposure protection (although they’re not airtight). ANSI-certified and with a Smoked or Infrared Filter lens options, these goggles can keep you safe from COVID-19 while performing most kinds of work.

6. NoCry Tinted OTG Safety Glasses

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

Another pair of over-the-glasses goggles, these goggles come with a tinted lens. These ANSI-certified goggles have an anti-scratch, UV400 lens, and protective side shields, offering a wide range of eye protection while fitting over most prescription glasses. The tinted lens makes these goggles ideal for people who work outdoors for extended periods of time, and want to keep their eyes safe from harmful radiation – as well as COVID-19.


5. Magid Y50 BKAFA Safety Glasses

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

These are some of the best-looking protective glasses out there. ANSI-certified, with side shields and fog- and scratch-resistant lenses, these safety glasses not only look good, they’re also highly practical. They are durable and lightweight, and very well-fitting and comfortable. They’re available with Clear lenses, Amber (great for low-light environments), or Blue Blocker lenses, and there are even +1.5 and +2.0 diopter options. Combining protection, usefulness, versatility, and great style, it’s easy to see (no pun intended) why these glasses are among the highest rated items on this list.

4. KleenGuard Maverick Safety Eyewear

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

Another stylish choice, these glasses come with side shields and a brow guard, providing all-around defence from airborne particles. The UV-resistant lenses shield against harmful rays, with a Smoked lens option for even better outdoor protection. These safety glasses also come with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses, which are more effective than many other supposedly fog-resistant glasses out there. This means that you could wear them over a mask and still be able to see clearly – a crucial combination these days.


3. DEWALT DPG82-11/DPG82-11CTR Safety Goggles

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

These are the most heavy-duty goggles on this list. They would make for excellent safety goggles for nurses, or other people working in a high-risk environment. With dual-injected rubber padding and an adjustable headband, these goggles create a tight but comfortable seal on the face, and they fit over most glasses. They also provide 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, and come with anti-fog coating. (Disclaimer: these goggles come with built-in ventilation to help with fogging, so they are not 100% airtight. Consult a specialist before wearing them for close interactions with COVID-19 patients).


2. KLEENGUARD Calico Safety Eyewear

Top 10 Best Medical Goggles for Virus Protection in 2020

With Amber tinted, anti-fog lenses, these safety glasses provide superior visibility in low-light environments. They also come with a cushioned brow-bar, providing added protection against airborne particles. One great thing about these glasses is that the temples are detachable, with an interchangeable head-strap. Using the head-strap allows you to adjust the glasses for a tighter fit and better protection against exposure, while the brow-bar means they won’t dig into your face. An all-around great pair of versatile and comfortable safety glasses.

1. Sellstrom Polycarbonate Sealed Safety Glasses

These glasses provide a variety of safety benefits, while being very comfortable and lightweight. ANSI-certified, these safety glasses also come with padding around the frame, creating a solid seal. The temples are detachable and interchangeable with a head-strap, allowing you to tighten the seal and increase your protection even further. They come with Clear Tint, Smoked Tint, or Indoor/Outdoor Tint lens options, providing you with COVID-19 defense for most environments. Comfortable, lightweight, protective, and stylish, these are some of the very best safety glasses out there.