Top 10 Best Modern Toilet Paper review of 2020

The most important qualities in toilet paper is durability. How does the toilet paper hold up after multiple uses? The best toilet paper is able to last for quite a length of time without having to replace the roll. Toilet paper should also be subjected to tests for strength and how much residue it leaves behind on a rough surface. In order to test the durability and strength, the toilet paper can be rubbed against a course surface such as carpet. The toilet paper should not leave a large amount of residue behind.

The ability to dissolve is an important quality to test in toilet paper. The more quickly the toilet paper dissolves the less likely it is to clog the plumbing. This can be tested by running a small square of toilet paper under running water. One of the most important aspects of toilet paper is how comfortable it is to use. You want to have a brand that will be soft and not leave residue behind with use after use. As far as the ply goes, two-ply tends to be hardier than one play and also has more strength and durability. Two-ply also lasts twice as long as one play.

Do I Need Options on My Toilet Paper?

What do I mean by options on toilet paper? The best toilet paper of 2020 tends to have several different options available. Charmin tends to be the brand with the most options such as ultra soft, ultra strong, forever roll (go up to one month without changing the roll), and gentle versions. Cottonelle also has a variety of brands to choose from including clean care, gentle care, and ultra care. Angel Soft has mega rolls, rolls scented with lavender, and double rolls. Quilted Northern including eco comfort and mega rolls.

Cost is also something to take into consideration. Even though some brands like Scott and Great Value may be more affordable from a price point of view, they lack key components such as durability, comfort, and strength. You might save on the initial price, but you will be spending more to replace the roll more often.

These brands also tend to dissolve less than the other brands meaning you could end up with a clogged plumbing system, especially if you use a lot in a short amount of time. The square foot per roll is another thing to take into consideration when you go to buy paper. Toilet paper rolls are shrinking even though many claim to be mega or super rolls. Durability is important because toilet paper that breaks or crumbles with the slightest form of moisture is going to be inefficient for bathroom needs.

One aspect many people don’t consider how easy is to tear off a piece of toilet paper. Toilet paper that is easy to tear off is idea, and two-ply had the right amount of strength while still being easy to tear. If you want to go green when toilet paper shopping, you can look into eco toilet paper which is made from 100% recycled paper. The downside is that eco-friendly toilet paper is going to cost a little bit more than regular toilet paper, but is it also was not processed using chlorine.

1. The Ten Best Toilet Paper Brands of 2020

Best Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Soft: Charmin Ultra Soft has both durability and it is soft and comfortable to use. Charmin Ultra Soft is heavy duty and it is more difficult to tear than some other tissue brands.

2. Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care Toilet Paper:

Best Toilet Paper

Cottonelle has a good texture and is fairly thick for being single-ply toilet paper. It does tear apart more easily, but still is comfortable to use. The thirty-six mega family roles.

3. Charmin Essentials Soft:

Best Toilet Paper

This is one of the most comfortable toilet paper brands and it is affordable. It is slightly less durable than Charmin Ultra Soft. The texture of this toilet tissue is soothing and the roll can last quite a while. The forty-eight count is at.


4. Quilted Northern Ultra Strong and Soft

Best Toilet Paper

This toilet paper also has a soft texture and is strong and durable. It is also more affordable than the Charmin or Cottonelle products. The twenty-four roll pack of Quilted Northern can be found at

5. Charmin Ultra Strong

Best Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is very sturdy and durable toilet paper. It is still comfortable to use, although not as soft as Charmin soft brands. You can find the twenty-four family mega rolls at.


6. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

Best Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is triple-ply. It is a fairly durable toilet paper, although the Charmin brands tend to stand up better during daily use. It is one of the more comfortable toilet paper options being triple-ply. The three pack of eight rolls can be found at.

7. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

This toilet paper is soft to use. However, there are some downsides as it can tear more easily and leave residue. The thirty-six family rolls can be found at.

8. Great Value Ultra Strong

This is one of the great options when it comes to toilet paper. Great Value is comfortable to use but can tear more easily than other brands. You can find eighteen mega rolls at

9. Angel Soft Toilet Paper,Soft.

Angel Soft is double-ply, however, compares to Cottonelle and Charmin it does rank a bit thinner. It is also less durable than other brands. However, it is comfortable to use and fairly affordable. You can find twenty-four mega rolls.


10.  Scott 1000

This single-ply toilet paper is not as comfortable to use as other brands or as durable. However, when it comes to price points, it is one of the more affordable. Do note that it does tend to tear apart fairly fast. You can find twelve rolls at