Top 10 best mask for virus protection 2020

Amid the concerns of air spreading viruses like the flue, people in the nearby country must keep themselves protected. For travelers, this is essential that they don’t miss out on from one country to another. Below are some of the suitable face mask which you can choose appropriate to your need and requirement. best face mask for virus protection.

1. 3-Layer Non-Woven Sanitary Dust Masksaz

The Germ Shield Maximum Barrier face mask by Dust Masks is the best face mask available in the market today. With 100 mask coming in one box, this face mask promises 99% efficiency at filtering out any bacteria, dust, pollen and mould particles present in the air with its four-layer filtration.


  • Maximum barrier
  • Comfortable design
  • Breathable material
  • Expensive

The best part of this face mask is that it is made with a comfortable design for easy fit & breathability along with its maximum barrier property.


2. Disposable Medical Face Mask

The SR 200 silicone full face mask air-purifying respirator is one of the best respirators available. With its maximum safety and breathing comfort, the heat-treated Silicone material is Disposable approved offering care and comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your face. There is a voice amplifier attachment (ST2-SR) to improve your ability to talk while wearing the mask.

  • The facepiece comprises of silicone which is heated treated and reduces the risk of contractual allergies to the minimum
  • The double exhalation provides two-layer protection while competition offers only one
  • Very expensive
  • Filters need to be bought separately

3. Dustproof Mask with Extra Carbon N99 Filters by Caluffy- Best respirator for virus protection

This Caluffy Dustproof Mask uses military grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate from pollution, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses. This fashion-friendly and face adjustable mask is suitable for the whole family.

This mask is made with ultra-soft and skin-friendly cotton and contains activated carbon, melt-blown cotton, and non-woven fabric, which provided superior protection.

  • Includes 10 extra filters
  • Eliminates heat and moisture
  • Only available in dull colours

4. Pure Guardian N95 Particulate Respirator Mask by Guardian Technologies- Best facemask for kids

This high-quality disposable mask is designed to protect from inhaling 95% of small non-oil-based particles such as fine dust, pollen, allergens, smog, air pollution, mold spores and more.

  • 10 masks included in one box
  • Comfortable with a tight seal
  • Color options not available

With 2 elastic cloths straps and a flexible foam nose clip, this mask also provides a secure and tight seal while providing a comfortable fit. The exhalation valve allows extra comfort by releasing the build-up of unwanted heat, moisture, and fog from long time wear.

5. Disposable Surgical Face Mask- Best face cover respirator mask

This latex-free mask is usually seen in surgical and dental rooms. The 3-layer, the non-woven mask comes with ear loops for comfortable wear. It promises dust and virus protection.

  • 50 masks in one package
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Not reusable

This three-layer face mask efficiently keeps away bacteria, PM 2.5, dust, and pollen, etc.

This mask is ideal for travel, for school or business, outdoor activities, having a cold and other daily use.

6. Flu Guard and Virus Blocker Carry on Badge by Nanoclo – Best face cover viral protection mask

This unique, Japan-based device instantly blocks the spread and transmission of viruses by destroying their protein structures. The mask’s effectiveness can be judged on the basis that it destroys all pathogens and virus that come in 1 cubic meter Along with neutralizing allergens, this device also eliminates unpleasant odours caused by the activity of microorganisms.

  • Not pricey
  • One item lasts for months
  • Only one item per purchase

This device protects from viruses and bacteria in places of mass congestion and communication of people, for example offices, hospitals, banks, etc. replacing the need for a medical mask.

 7. Dustproof Cover Mask Respirator by BeatBasi- Best surgical mask for virus protection

This dustproof mask will keep your mouth safe by protecting it from all dust and air pollution etc. This advanced reusable carbon activated cotton mouth mask cares for your skin, keeping it fresh while working as an active natural shield against any pollution.

  • Available in beautiful galaxy design
  • Reusable
  • Earloops not made comfortable for long time wear

This is breathable and windproof, providing comfortable wear. It also is reusable and washable.


8. 3M 8210 N95 Classic Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator- Best medical approved viral protection mask

This respirator is the perfect mask for people working with chemicals and other toxic substances. This mask includes a soft silicone nose cup and face seal to cushion large contact areas and filter attachments that easily twist on and off. The facepiece fits securely with five straps that wrap around the head, eliminating shifting and the requirement for frequent readjustment.


  • Secure wear

9. Antiviral Face Mask by Respimas- Best viral protection mask for travellers

This antiviral face mask is the most effective facemask protection for your children. It protects from allergens, pollution, smog, etc.

This mask uses nanofiber technology and is comfortable to wear.

  • Best for children
  • Pricey for just one item per box


10. Face Mask with Earloop- Best face mask for travelers- for virus protection

This common everyday use mask protects from allergens, pollution, and dusty environments. This facemask is ideal and usually worn by doctors and construction workers etc.

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Not reusable
  • Only available in one color

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