Top 10 Best Safety Reading goggles Review 2020

You are a working professional whose job revolves around the laptop screen. When you are not working with your eyes fixed on the computer screen, you are busy checking the updates on your cell phone. Throughout the day you are exposed to a high amount of ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic radiations, as well as x-ray radiations, This harms the health of your need the best safety reading goggles to protect your eyes.

When you try to adjust your eyes to read the small prints from online websites, it tends to cause headache and puts pressure on your eyes. Also, with the advent of OTT platforms like Netflix, we have all the more reasons to be glued to our mobiles and laptop screens. This is where safety glasses with readers come into the picture. This article will list out ten best safety reading goggles for you to pick up.

1. Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

Best Safety Reading goggle


Cyxus Technology has understood the impact that eye fatigue might have on the overall well-being of the people. The product have been created with HEV-Adsorb substrate technology to combat the harmful radiations affecting the eyes. It blocks the harmful blue rays and UV radiations from mobile or computer screens. There is no pigmentation used so that the lens does not reflect much and you can read easily. At the same time, it combats eye fatigue and headache due to exposure to radiations and promotes better sleep.

2. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

Best Safety Reading goggle

The low colour distortion technology utilized by J+S Vision helps in cutting down the reflections and tints. Also helps in providing a crystal clear vision. It helps in preventing 90% of the harmful radiations of the digital screens from impacting your eyes. It offers a variety of style statements in terms of frame sizes, looks, and colours within a very reasonable price. These glasses can keep you going in front of the digital screens for long hours without giving you a headache or eye-strain. This will surely increase your productivity during office hours. The Diopter Strength is +0.0, which means there is no magnification. Any person working in front of digital screens can use it.

3. Kerecsen Reading Glasses

This package comes with four reading glasses of different styles and colours. They have non-polarized lenses with a nose bridge size of 0.75. This means that your reading glasses will be safe to perch on your nose without imposing too much on the face. It offers four amazing sets of reading glasses at an excellent price. You will get various Diopter Strength lenses ranging from +1.0 to +6.0. You will get the option to choose the frame variation between tortoise colour and black colour. Both of them look highly charming and sophisticated.

4. Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Square Glasses

Best Safety Reading goggle


Come to another brilliant eyewear offering from the house of Cyxus Technology. This brand has given a new twist to the retro look so that you can protect your eyes and look stylish as well. The square frame will look great on any face type and will give a retro-futuristic look. It comes with polycarbonate frames, and spring metal hinges mean that your safety reading goggles will be as light as a feather. Also, the metal hinges give flexibility to the structures that can adjust over different forehead sizes. The lenses are dust-proof which means that you need not fidget with your cleaning cloth after regular intervals to wipe off your specs. This model fits with comfortable nose pads so that the specs do not seem like a burden on your face.


5. Cateye Bifocal Reading Sunglasses for Women

Best Safety Reading goggle

If there is a perfect combination of utility and style, then this model will get high scores in these departments. These bifocal glasses come with near and distant vision lenses fitted in the frame. It equips with UV400 Protection technology. This is not only suitable for reading but also perfect for braving the outdoor sun rays. The frame material is sturdy, which ensures that you can use it regularly without worrying about its longevity. It comes in wide-ranging stylish frames.


6. PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Safety Reading goggle

This sophisticated looking eyewear is a piece of beauty that comes with a lifetime warranty. PROSPEK is loading with a lot of features and offers an all-round package within a single pair of frames. also it prevents the entry of 100% UV radiations that you are subjected to while working on digital screens. It can also prevent the entry of electromagnetic emissions. These glasses have anti-glare and anti-scratch properties which makes it highly durable for rough use. Moreover, it comes with a classy black cover box.

7. OCCI CHIARI Computer Reading Glasses

Occi Chiari has done a great job with this model and has rightly presented its value proposition of mixing quality and looks. It equipped with Anti-Blue Light technology which prevents 90% of the harmful rays that affect the eyes. Its Anti- Eye Fatigue feature helps in reducing the chances of headache. Prolonged exposure to screen lights can cause your eyes to turn reddish and watery. Occi Chiari eyewear ensures that you do not face these problems. Along with that It comes in a variety of enamouring colours, frames, and looks.


8. Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses

safety glasses with bifocal


This is one of a kind safety reading goggles that is fit with magnetic frames which will attach itself with the lens. You can remove the magnetic neck attachments as per your convenience. This innovative eyewear offers flexibility in terms of size, thanks to its magnetic neck attachments. It comes in various chic designs so you can pick for your office and party looks. The material is highly durable, and the lenses help in blocking maximum glare from the screens.


9. Occffy Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

Best Safety Glasses With Readers

This is one of the most stylish safety glasses with readers having flexible spring frame to provide all-round comfort. The elegant black frames will suit every face type. This model fitted with � Dura-Tight’ screws that give immense flexibility and durability in terms of size and comfort. It comes with a micro-fibrous cleaning cloth that does not leave any fibres on the lenses while cleaning. It provides a clear vision while blocking all the harmful digital screen radiations.

10. SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Safety Glasses With Readers

This highly attractive metal-rimmed frame will make a prominent style statement while providing you utmost comfort for your eyes. It also comes with a plethora of features and is one of the perfect safety glasses with readers. It has sturdy metal frames together with a silicon nose bridge. These features ensure that the glasses sit lightly and comfortably on your face without creating pressure or marks. It comes in various soothing and pleasant colours. It prevents blurry Vision and blocks the majority of the dangerous blue light of the digital screens.

Now that you have your list of safety reading goggles in various styles and features, you can take your pick and protect your eyes from the harmful glares that you receive from your digital screens.

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