Top 10 Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus In 2020

The pandemic has caused complete disruption of our lifestyle, and above all, it has made us conscious about our health and safety. Wearing masks and best gloves out in the open, it decreases the probability of getting infected, but it doesn’t prevent it as the virus can remain viable on surfaces. So, Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection sanitizing all these materials are the key.

But there’s only so much liquid sanitizer you can use, especially with the prices of hand sanitizers skyrocketing these days. When sanitizing has become of such importance, UV light sanitizers are an essential commodity to have.

UV light sanitizers, also known as natures hand sanitizer, is a useful tool in killing viruses and any pathogens for that matter. So, it’s worth pausing and taking a look at a small review of the top 10 UV light sanitizers that can protect us from the virus.

10. 59S UV light sanitizer Wand

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus

This UV light sanitizer called a wand because you can hold it in your hand with ease as its light and you wave it like a wand to kill off the virus. It has 20 UVC LEDs on one side, which is guaranteed to eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms.

It can cover large surface areas as there is an option to fold it open. You can glide it over any surface, and the UV rays will wipe out the virus in that area. It is portable and can be used to disinfect while you are travelling as well. There is a safety feature is sensors which detect when the wand overturned which causes it to switch off

9. Invisiclean Ultrasonic cleaner and UV light sanitizer

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus


It is a highly efficient tool. As the name suggests, it is a 2 in 1 product. You can both use it as an ultrasonic cleaner and use it as a UV light sterilizer. So, it can remove accumulated dirt from your items and kill all the microorganisms effectively. It accommodate most phone size’s; it also has a separate basket and a watch holder. In terms of power-consumption, it is economical as it only consumes 110V.

8. UV light sanitizer bag P55

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus

It is compact big enough to fit in phones of all sizes, glasses and clothes. So, any item that was worn or used when you were outside can be put in this bag and sterilized. It has LEDs which can kill all types of microorganisms, including the virus in 3 minutes. The safety features include a sensor which switches off the UV light if the top is all of a sudden opened at an angle of 45 degrees or higher. This ensures the person is not exposed to UV light. So, if you close the top, how can you know if its on? Well, there is a transparent area which lets you see during sterilization but, there is a guarantee of no light leakage.


7. Homedics UV- clean phone sanitizers

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus

Yes, it is specific for phones, but it is one of the most economical UV light sanitizers available in the market right now. It can fit most phone sizes, and the lighting is positioned to cover the whole surface and provide maximum efficiency. Within 30 seconds, it sanitizes one side where it kills all microorganisms, including the virus ensuring efficient protection. It has a patented pop-up technology which causes it to collapse flat, making it easier to carry around. It provides no UV light leaked out as it has a safety lock.

6. Germ Gaurdian HEPA filter air purifier with UV light sanitizer

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus

The HEPA filter couples with UV light ensures the air coming out is free of viruses and microorganisms. It traps any type of allergens (pollen) as small as 0.3 microns. Infections are more modest than that which are killed off by the UV light. Besides, activated charcoal helps reduce unwanted or bad odour.

5. Wabi UV Sterilizer and dryer

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus

Wabi UV Sterilizer can use for several household items, including baby bottles. It sterilizes items not just with UV rays but with also a gentle heat making this a highly efficient way to kill off the virus or the microorganisms present. It has two bulbs to ensure the process of sanitizing is effective. Besides, it can also be used as a storage space for items when not in use for sanitizing.


4.Pure enrichment PureZone 3 in 1

Best Uv Light Sanitizer For Protection Against Virus


Pure enrichment is one of the best air purifiers available in the market which ensures your room or house sanitized and a virus-free zone. It has a 3-stage air purifier which is coupled with a built-in UVC light. To add to this, it also 100% ozone free, ensuring the best quality and sanitized air.


3. Blue Cactus company UVC Light Sanitizer


This is a UV box that can use for various purposes. It ensures all your household items will be disinfected within 3 minutes. It is compact, making it portable, but it limits it to keys or smaller sized mobile phones. A good safety feature is, it ensures the user isn’t exposed to UV light as it shuts off if the lid is open.

2. CrazyCap UV water purifier

Keeping water, you drink sanitized is as crucial as keeping your materials sanitized. The cap emits UVC rays to kill the virus and other microorganisms. So, you can be assured the water you drink is sanitized and safe. To add to its functionality, the cap can also be used as a UV wand.

1.Gozye UV Disinfection light

This lamp provides a pathogen or virus free environment with a range of 50m2. Using this will ensure the room you live in is microorganism free, and this has been tested explicitly against viruses to ensure its effectivity. 15 to 30minutes ensures the place is safe and comes with child safety feature as well.

In conclusion, this list contains equipment which utilizes UV light to sanitize for protection against any virus or microorganisms. Reading this would have given you an idea on which type of product would be the best to purchase for your health and safety.

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