Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders 2024

Car phone holders are invaluable devices for people who are always on the move. This is because such individuals tend to answer their phones so often that it might be unsafe and a nuisance. Furthermore, it is inconveniencing to pull out handsets from inside the pocket. Car phone holders help to keep these devices on the vehicle’s dashboard so that is much easier to view texts and calls.

Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders 2018 have good attaching options, are within consumer’s budget, easy to set up and are durable. The following are some of the best car phone holders in 2018 that money can buy:

10. ZiLu Magneto Air Vent Car Mount

ZiLu CM006 Air

This is an air vent type of car phone holder. It is features an easy click on (set up procedure) and puts smartphone within the reach of drivers. This allows users to access GPS function as well as other desired functions.


• The rotation is fully adjustable

• compatible with most smartphones

• features a strong magnetic hold so that the phone does not move


• It easily scratches.

9. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car

This product can securely hold any smartphone of various sizes. It is easy to set up because the user just places it on the dashboard. It allows users to specify the distance away from the smartphone. Its 6.5-inch telescoping arm is what facilitates this. In addition, the desired angle can also be selected. It can be locked with the simple press of a button.


•easy to install

•  accommodate various smartphones


• Might damage dashboard on removal after installation.

8. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

It is a magnetic car mount as well as an air vent holder for phones that is known not to cause severe damage to vehicles and is easy to set up. has also tight prongs that comfortably fit into numerous air vents. very strong magnets that are capable of holding most smartphones without them falling off. Furthermore, and allows the user to move or swivel their device in the desired direction.


• easy to install

• strong magnets for a secure hold

• compatible with most smartphones


• The fit depends on the air vent.

7. Koomus Pro CD-M Smartphone Car Mount Holder

This is the best option for individuals who prefer CD slot mounts. It has a sturdy build and is easy to install. This is because, it only requires the push of a button to install it. The product is fitted with a magnetic head and also has an additional adhesive metal plate for a strong hold. It has a cradleless design that keeps every port free.


• small in size but still effective

• scratch resistant

• It has a simple push button for setting it up


• It may not work with a slimmer CD slot

6. Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

It has a minimalist design and features a stainless-steel ball joint, this makes it convenient and adds aesthetic value. This product is not the suction-mount type to eliminate chances of a device falling off. It is easy to install and the device an be oriented as desired once stuck to it.


• very beautiful

• It uses UltraSlim plates for an easy hold

• Stainless steel ball joint facilitates numerous orientations


• It works poorly with rubberized surfaces

5. EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder with Dual USB 2.1A Charger

Car Mount, EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder

It is the best product for consumers who want extra charging equipment for their phone because they are constantly on the move. Its convenience lies in the fact that it is a charger and a smartphone holder. It has 2 USB chargers. It can be mounted on the cigarette lighter of the car. The product allows for many customization options and has a strong hold. In addition, it has a 360-degree swivel and a goose neck for easy access.


• has a good build

• The rubber grip is scratch resistant

• It performs two functions i.e. holder and charger


• It is not compatible with many Android phones

4. AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder

This is yet another air vent car mount holder. It fits most air vents with relative ease. This product has sturdy prongs to guarantee a secure fit. It is fitted with a cradle lock mechanism that will hold most phablets and smartphones. Rubber grips prevent scratches on the device. It easily attaches itself to all air vents.


• compatible with many smartphones

• It features a clamp grip instead of a magnetic grip


• The holder is too tight not to have a base support hence difficult to pull smartphone out

3. Upgrade Second Generation IPOW Car Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Mount Holder

This product only needs to be placed on top of the dashboard, it has a skid-free mat made of silicone material. It is characterized by twin types of holder grips that can be adjusted depending on the phone thickness.


• provides a secure hold

• Design is hassle free

• Lacks magnetic holds, suction or adhesive


• No clear setting up instructions

2. Z-Edge 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Cradle Holder

Z-Edge 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Cradle Holder

This product comes with 3 different types of holders that are available at the price of one. It also contains one air vent mount, one windshield mount and one dash mount. They provide a strong hold and are compatible with even big smartphones.


• Good utility

• Secure hold


• The grip is too strong thus requires two hands to remove it.

1. LiKee Universal Car Mount Windshield Dashboard Cell Phone Holder with Clamp

LiKee Universal Car Mount

It is very easy to set up due to its super sticky gel pad on its bottom surface. It has a convenient clamping mechanism and allows for horizontal and vertical alignments.


• Sticks very well to surfaces

• Excellent build

• Fair price

• It has a strong clip mechanism for holding wide devices


• It is difficult to remove phones from the clamp.


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