Top 10 Best Spy Spot GPS Trackers Of 2024

Do you know the best spy spot GPS trackers in 2018? There are several brands in the market hence
you should always carry out enough research so that you can locate the best.
There is no need to worry; we have carried out enough research for you. Here we
have top 10 best spy spot GPS trackers of 2018 so that you can make a quick
buying decision:

1. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Other GPS trackers will require you to pay monthly fee for you to use them. But, things have been made
easy with use of Vyncs GPS Tracker. The tracker comes with a real time 3G car GPS
system which you can use to track your car from any location. With one year fee data plan, you can easily track your car without any fear. Other great features of the system include: Teen Unsafe Driving Alert

You can achieve great control over your teens driving with the inbuilt features. Other monitoring
options available include fuel report, fleet monitoring and optional roadside assistance.

2. BrickHouse Security GPS Tracker

It is a customized device you can use for personal spying or apply it to track your vehicle fleets. For this model, you have to pay subscription plans each month starting from $9.99. It is an easy online activation device which works very well within the United States.

It is very fast, it can record activities of your car within 60 seconds of installation on
the BrickHouse security GPS. In case of investigation, teen driving, or fleet management,
it works very well.

3. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker

It is a mini Vehicle GPS tracker which can allow you access real time monitoring of your vehicle. You can apply it to track elderly persons, teens driving and spouses. The compact size allows you to go with the device anywhere. You have to pay $25 a month and there is no activation fee or cancellation fees. Text or email alerts when the person gets out of geo fencing area allows you to have full control of your car.

4. Spy Spot OBD 2 Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

It is a device which is available worldwide for car tracking purposes. It offers updates every 60 seconds or when the ignition of your car is off. You can as well apply the device to track any smartphone, computer or tablet. Easy installation makes it a great device for newbies.

5. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

The Car GPS tracker can assist you track people assets, vehicles among other spy applications. It comes with the longest serving battery so that you can achieve the best out of it. Alerts are provided when speeding, parked, low battery and when entering different zones. You will enjoy real time tracking upon installing the GPS tracker in your car.

6. Spy Spot 2017 Upgraded Portable Real Tracker

The tracker comes with an extended battery so that you can use it for long. You can use it for up to two months without worry of battery. The software allows you to log in from any iPhone, PC, MAC or any Android phone. From the software, you can monitor every aspect of the tracker from the comfort of your home.

7. Real Time Gl 300 GPS Tracker

It comes with weatherproof case and a battery which can work for up to four months. If your car operates on long distance trips, it is the perfect tracker for you to install. You can view data from any smartphone. The weather proof case allows it to withstand extreme conditions and preserve crucial data about your car.

8. Monster Magnetics MiniMag Car GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a GPS tracker which can work well under your car, then you need to try the GPS tracker. It is specifically designed to attach under your car and provide mcrucial data about your car location. Magnetic reinforced cover protects it
from breaking off. Durability is guaranteed upon buying the GPS tracker.

9. Spy Spot 3G Real Time Mini Portable GPS Tracker

It comes with an improved battery so that it can last long. A free app allows you to download
and access data about your car from any device anywhere. 24/4 email and text alert
ensures you have full knowledge of where your car is located.

10. Real Time Live Mini Micro Spot GPS Tracker

To make the tracker durable, it comes with a waterproof magnetic case. Improved design ensures you have a long battery life. Real time tracking allows you to log in anytime and access crucial data about your vehicle.

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