Top 10 best toilet paper in 2024

Toilet paper is one of the most important items in our bathrooms. When you comes to buying it, people put into consideration different factors, some of which include the safety of the paper, its smoothness (or softness), absorbent properties, price, and of course, personal preferences. In a nutshell, people are looking for an effective option that is worth their money. Understanding both sides of the spectrum, here below are the Top 10 best toilet paper in 2018.


10. Charmin Mega Rolls, Ultra Strong

The previous brands from Charmin Mega Rolls were designed specifically for gentleness and softness, thus ideal for kids and people with ultra-sensitive skin. However, if you have teens, then you need something strong, and therefore the Ultra Strong toilet paper is a perfect choice. The product withstands abuse, thus minimizing total toilet tissue use. This brand is not only strong, but also applauded for its clean-wiping experience. Just like other Charmin toilet products, the above toilet paper last longer.


9. Charmin Mega Rolls, Ultra Gentle

If you are looking for the best brands for toddlers, then the above option is highly recommended. It is not only toddlers though; it is also the right choice for individuals with ultra-sensitive skin. The product offers a gently clean, so it ensures the case of burning sensation is no more! It is a long-lasting toilet paper because a single case contains six rolls of about 300 sheets per roll.

8. Scott 1000-Sheets Per Roll

There is no doubt that Scott 1000 is the number one best-selling Amazon bathroom toilet paper based on customer’s reviews. With 1000 sheets per roll, the brand is the right choice for individuals that prefer thinner paper. The product is strong and highly absorbent, much better than any other one-ply tissue paper, leaving no lint or dust behind. Since the toilet paper dissolves easily and quickly, it is considered safe for septic and sewer systems.

7. Georgia Pacific Professional Toilet paper

A great toilet paper offered at one of the most affordable prices is indeed the Georgia Pacific. It is the best choice purchase in bulk or office environment since the product comes in a case of eighty rolls with about 500 sheets per roll. The most important aspect of the above brand is that each toilet paper is wrapped individually. It offers an easy wipe, septic-safe, and sewer-safe.


6. Cottonelle CleanCare, Family Roll


As the name suggests, the above toilet paper provides exceptional bathroom experience to the entire family. It is designed with a clean ripple texture, which makes it offer a clean wipe. The paper is highly absorbent, even when it is wet. A single package has 36 rolls, and each roll has about 220 sheets. Just like any other Cottonelle toilet papers, the Family Roll is septic and sewer-safe.

5. Charmin Mega Rolls, Ultra Soft

Charmin Mega Rolls, Ultra Soft

If you are looking for a truly strong, ultra-soft, highly absorbent, and thick toilet paper, then consider the Charmin Ultra Soft. Unlike other brands from the same manufacturer, the Ultra Soft feels more luxurious to use. The two-ply piece incredibly holds up when the paper is wet. The mega roll has about 300 sheets per roll, making it last longer. Just like other similar brands, the Ultra Soft septic-safe, and clog-safe.

4. Scott Tube-Free tissue paper

Scott Tube-Free tissue paper

Scott Tube-Free is another 2018 popular toilet paper product well known its softness. It is the best brand for individuals with sensitive skin as the paper is extremely soft and offering cushiony experience. The paper’s texture allows for a comfortable and clean wipe. Besides coming with many rolls at an affordable price, the brand is also septic-safe, sewer-safe, and unscented.

3. AngelSoft Bath Tissue

The AngelSoft Bath Tissue is one of the best bathroom product in the toilet paper industry. It is not only thick, strong, and soft, but it is also easily flushable, dissolves instantly, and septic/sewer-safe. Users have reported that paper gets the job done without leaving or shredding any lint behind. The two-ply toilet paper comes with over 260 sheets per roll, which means that it can be used for longer time.

2. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare

If you are looking for a big roll toilet paper offering a top-notch comfort, then consider buying Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare. It is a highly popular brand applauded for its softness. The product has clean ripples, allowing for a cleaner wipe. Besides that, the paper is thick, offering similar absorption rates as a paper towel. Just like the previous toilet paper, this one also is septic and sewer-safe.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra-Plush

If you are looking for smooth, soft toilet paper, then the above is a perfect choice. The product has comfort cushions, allowing users to use less paper each time to visit a toilet facility. Besides that, it has an Innerlux layer, which provides luxurious comfort. Other essential properties of this premium toilet paper include excellent absorption, gentle, and remain strong when it is dry or wet. More importantly, the product is septic-safe and easily flushable.


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