Top 10 Modular Motorcycle Helmets 2023

Anyone who owns a motorcycle or planning to buy one must keep in mind the importance of helmet for safety measures. The fact that motorcycle riders are prone to crash situations is quite obvious, but using crash statistics can be misleading due to the grimmer picture it paints. But the bottom line is that helmets protect riders in case of a crash as well as aiding motorcycles to be able to absorb the collision impact at the time of an accident occurs.

You can find that ,there are so many modular motorcycle helmets that are available in the market today and it can be a challenging task for a rider to select the best. Modular helmets are usually considered as a great companion by most riders because of various reasons to start with. For example, when a rider is wearing one he or she can be able to communicate without taking it off and it is also very convenient for those who like to wear glasses. To cut the long story short this piece will give you an overview of the top 10 modular motorcycle helmets in 2019 that you can choose from.

10. ILM 10 Colors Modula Full Helmet


This is another very nice choice for novices. This modular helmet is very functional and it was designed to be an affordable companion for everyone. Its outer shell construction is durable and lightweight. The helmet also features an inner lining that is removable something that makes cleaning easy. This helmet is available in 3 different sizes and is available in ten distinct patterns as the name suggests.

9. Bell revolver Adult Unisex Modular Helmet


This is a modern sleek modular helmet with a unique design model. It is also available in a range of colors which you can choose from according to your preference. The helmet design model is lightweight and it features an ABS construction with click release ability. The click release feature eliminates the need to use tools and also makes shielding yourself easy and fast while on the move. The package of this helmet also includes a unique magnetic strap magnefusion keeper.

8. 1Storm Street Bike Flip-up Helmet


This is one of the best helmets in 2018 with UV protection ability and a beautifully constructed glossy finish. The back finish is made of black matte but there are various kinds of this modular helmet model that you can choose from. The helmet has a modular design and its advanced flip up will probably make you enjoy full face protection.

7. HJC CL-17 Solid Men’s Modular Helmet


This is another top-notch modular helmet that appears on the top 10 motorcycle helmets in 2018. It is made from high quality and durable materials that includes pure carbonate. The helmet gives you maximum comfort because of the CAD technology that is built in its design. The helmet is lightweight and relatively expensive.

6. HJC Modular CL-MAXBT Helmet



This is one the modern modular helmets that make to the top 10 list of best modular motorcycle helmets in 2018 due to longevity and reputation of its construction. It is recommended for novices who are at the entry level. It has a one button chin bar click release and it is also lightweight. It makes use of advanced CAD technology that makes it comfortable and a superior fit. It has an advanced channeling system that is paramount for ventilation and free air circulation.

5. Bell Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet


This is another modern modular sleek helmet that is of great quality made by Bell Companies. It is made of durable strong material making it last for a long duration of time. The helmet offers you maximum protection because it covers full face. It is constructed leaving vents in its design for free air circulation at the top and sides. It fits transistor visor due to the presence of a clear perfect vision field at the front.

4. DKE DK-120 Modular Helmet



This is one the helmet that has received a positive response from most users. The construction of this helmet incorporates the DOT standards. It is highly cited because of its ability to provide you with maximum protection in case of a crash. It is lightweight in nature making to be very comfortable. It also allows free circulation of air because of the multiple vents it has in areas such as the sides, forehead, and at the chin.

3. YEMA YM-925


This is a modular helmet that comes with an affordable budget best suited for novices. The helmet is also DOT certified and a bit cheaper. It features what is known as ABS composite shell reinforced with fiber and its construction is also lightweight. It has a drop down sun shield and it also comes with dual visors.

2. Bell Revolver Modular Street Helmet


This is a modern sleek helmet that comes in a range of various great colors which you can choose from. It features an ABS lightweight shell construction. The click release of its design feature makes sure that there is an easy fast way that you can shield yourself while on the move without using adjustment tools. It has a chin curtain that prevents cold air entry from getting in the helmet.

1. Shoei RF-1200 Modular Helmet

Shoei RF-1200 Modular Helmet


This is another modern helmet that makes to the top our list due to the traditional feel that it has kept in its design. The shell of this helmet is construction is quiet, lightweight and it is performance oriented due to the quality materials it is manufactured from. The plastics and materials used in making this helmet are relatively a slight cut beyond any other product on the list. There are various patented modular helmets of this model which you can select from.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that the features and quality of the discussed modular motorcycle helmets can be a bit different. You shouldn’t be tempted to buy a cheaper helmet to cut the costs because you will be cursing yourself definitely in case you get an accident.


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